Thinking about all the possible titles for my blog I came up with “Toronto’s Snow” for three reasons.

1. I live in Toronto.

2. I accidently deleted my old wordpress and I couldn’t use the same URL.

3. It was the only one that seemed to be available and relevant to me.


Sorry for the inconvenience if you used to go on my other blog and the fact that I was stupid enough to delete something.

But, let me make an intro of myself. Hello, I am Akanksha Gogi, my birthstone is Ruby, my sign is Cancer, I’m born in July 14th of 1998; I am 13 years old, and my blood type is A.

Other Facts About Me:

  • I am just finished 7th grade and am going into 8th grade in September.
  • I am not fan of pie unless it is really good.
  • I am underweight but I still eat a lot of food….nothing changes.
  • I don’t fancy hipsters.
  • I live in Canada. As I have just said…
  • I have a tumblr….I won’t tell what it is though….cause I really don’t care.
  • I don’t like insects and unhygienic stuff.
  • I like organization. (Like other Type A’s)
  • I worry about small mistakes. (Like other Type A’s)
  • I like frozen yogurt.
  • My favorite food are crackers….especially honey graham crackers.
  • I do things as planned…I don’t like trying new things. (Like other Type A’s)
  • I like humor.
  • I enjoy working hard, and don’t like losing, but don’t go insane if I do lose. (Like other Type A’s)
  • I like k-pop. Including: B2ST, U-Kiss, MBLAQ, T-ara, etc. So pretty much groups that make catchy music.
  • I watch America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, Marriage Ref, etc.
  • New facts coming soon. :P
  • OH yah, and I like raspberries.

2 responses to “Title

  1. It’s nice to meet you, Akanksha!
    Don’t take offense but I just copied and pasted your name because the spelling was throwing my brain all over the place. It was even worse when I tried to pronounce it. But don’t worry, I know how you feel. My name’s pretty awkward too. I wonder how your teachers would say your name on the first day of school! The teachers always give me grief with my name on the first couple days of school. I remember my math teacher in 9th grade kept saying my name wrong and I deemed her a lost cause…7th grade was no doubt the worst year ever for me. 8th grade was so much more better (but it was overall decent). But you’re probably not an awkward teenager like I was/am so you should have a good time. I’ll be entering my sophomore year come September!

    OH CANADA! HOME OF THE BRAVE! I envy you man, I love Canada. I’ll be forever waiting for the day I grow up and finally leave America for Canada. You know, I just finished a whole box of honey graham crackers two days ago. So delicious, I just couldn’t stop eating them…

    • -Oh, it’s not offensive. But it seems to be harder for you for the fact that you’re teacher kept on getting it wrong and all my teachers got used to it in an instant.
      – I am actually going into 8th grade next month but I’m still an awkward kid…it’s not as bad because there are awkward-er people than me.
      -Omg! I love Graham Crackers! I also got my mom to like them. :P.
      -Actually you’re right the London Riots did start because of the police officer issue but now there are a lot more reasons. I guess they just want peace….don’t know if that is gonna happen though, but I really believe that this is the year of Riots and Protesting.
      -Actually, if you didn’t already know, I used to live in California and then we came to Toronto. I thought it was going to be fun but living with the changes is really hard for me. 7th grade was a really fun year for me actually because all my classmates were really funny people and our teacher was really nice and sometimes carefree. I came to Canada in August 30/31…the last day of August 2010 and have only been here in Canada for a year so yah, still adapting.
      ……….and it’s not oh canada, home of the brave..it’s oh canada, our home and native land, true patriot love, in all thy son’s command, with glowing hearts…yeah.
      But for some reason it’s a really short anthem..and we sing the anthem in Canada and in California we only had to say the pledge of pledge of allegiance.

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