eReaders or Books?

I actually prefer eReaders over books. Even though it’s not the same it is helpful in many ways.

1. Eco-friendly.

2. Lighter (than having a bunch of books)

3.Takes up less space.

4. Modern.

I know. “But books we with us for so long. They are one of the most important things in life. They scent of a book, how the paper feels; a eReader can never meet the standards of that.”

You know what? When our world is at risk I think we can forget about that. Try to care about the earth too.

Plus, flipping a page is so much work and the book loses it’s quality…but with an eReader you won’t have to go through that and you can store plenty of books.

If we all start using eReaders, they will probably make a eReader library…unless they already have that. :D


One response to “eReaders or Books?

  1. I certainly do love the design of the e-reader and everything but I prefer books because for some reason, I really retain what I’m reading when I’m reading a book. I don’t know why but when it comes to electronic screens, I get really impatient with whatever I’m doing.

    I am pretty sure it is more ecofriendly compared to regular books but it does use electricity which requires the burning the fossil fuel and if it uses disposable batteries instead, that’s way worse. It’s kind of a lose-lose situation there huh? haha

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