London Riots

I don’t know much about what is happening in London.

Actually I just found out about a few days ago. Really sad; to know one side of the world is having major issues and you didn’t even notice.

So, I researched.

Finding out there are many reasons for people ragging.

But one reason really hit me: Private schools.

I mean seriously, I feel like I am so smart. I don’t know why but I feel like I am a person with the highest amount of common sense right now. What is the point for private schools? They are still schools. Still education. They still teach. You won’t be around weird people (no offense)…actually, you never know who your classmates are going to be and you can’t choose. As I was saying, if you are being affected by a student, learn to ignore or report; you can do the same thing in either public or private school. And paying to go to a school in not exactly modern. You may seem rich but at the end you are just losing money if you’re trying to impress people.

I don’t know why but I feel like London deserves this. Actually, human kind deserves this. We are the ones creating this, so we shouldn’t blame it on….ourselves…which actually makes sense if you understand. Society created this world and should learn that things can go wrong…unfortunately even after more than 2 centuries we still don’t learn the moral of the story. We probably will never because not everyone likes blaming things on themselves and MOVING ON.


One response to “London Riots

  1. I’ve only heard whispers about the London riots and while I was curious about it, I kept forgetting about it. I doubt many people know about the London riots period because of how the public is wired to pay more attention to pop culture instead of happenings in other countries (especially in America).

    I thought the riot was caused by a police officer attacking a man for ill reasons and it caused a riot because of underlying racial tension. But whatever, I hate private schools too. I really don’t see much point in them besides it being a status symbol.

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