“What family member, friend, or acquaintance do you wish you were closer to?”

I actually wish I was closer to everyone in my class. There are many advantages to that.

  • You get into more information.
  • You get more support.
  • It won’t be awkward to talk to a classmate.
  • You get food from them…:D
  • You will get to know them better, and how they actually are other than how you usually see them everyday.

5 responses to ““What family member, friend, or acquaintance do you wish you were closer to?”

  1. I wish I could have been closer to this guy that I met this year. He was really nice, always striking up a conversation and everything even though I was the weirdest kid ever. I feel really bad now looking back not talking to him because I was freaked by his friends. The worst part was that I had 4 periods with him one semester and 3 second semester and it’s always a horrible feeling to know you missed an opportunity.

    • Yah, I know the feeling.
      There was this girl that was trying to be my friend since the first time I came to Toronto. I never noticed she was trying so hard. We aren’t that close but we are friends. We don’t hang out with each other but we know each other pretty well. It’s probably going to be different next year.
      Whenever I want to be friends with a new kid or someone I always try hard (e.g. coming up to them and saying “hi”) and at the end we end up being friends. It’s so weird because every single time I try they end up being my friends. But I know for new kids, it makes them feel more welcomed to come to a new school and not be a loner.

      • I have got to do that on the first day of school. I think it would freak out the kid though because in the area where I’m from, people are kind of reserved and it’s frustrating.

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