Only a Few More Days Left

One thing that most kids don’t look forward to every year. It lasts almost a year too. Yes, I am talking about school.
The only thing is, I want to go to school. I am so bored at home that I just can’t wait to get out of this quite home and go back to school and see my future classmates. Some of my friends think I am crazy to be excited. Haha, thank you! :D
Since I’m Type A (blood type) I am very organized and I have noticed that. A few months ago I even planned how my first day of school will be like. For example, what time me and my friend are going to meet up to go to school, since we live in the same condo building.
I guess I am really excited because of the awesome classmates that don’t make the class so boring.
But I also slightly have the urge of staying home and going on the iPhone, TV, and computer all day. I guess starting Tuesday I’ll just wait until 4:00 to that.
One thing I worry about is the weather here in Toronto. It can get really cold, or really hot, or really humid which I am really not that excited about.
Hopefully the first day of school will have nice weather.


2 responses to “Only a Few More Days Left

  1. Oh I hope you have an amazing first day of school! I’m so jealous with how you and your friend are meeting up to go to school.

    • aha thanks; you jelly? lol…it’s just a thing we started doing starting when i first came to the school. they have been really helpful and i feel less of a loner by walking with them. we get the choice to go home for lunch and eat at home and come back so if i walk alone/with my sis i feel like a loner but with my friends it feels like it’s not that annoying to do. :D

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