First Day of School

So this is pretty much how the first day of school went for me. I actually had a good type. It fit my needs. Me gusta.

Ok, so I had the chances of having Mr. Au and Ms. Grant.

Mr. Au: Strict but not too strict and very unique. Has awesome teaching skills and knows a lot of languages. Seems to be very organized and patient. Has the only room with lockers.

Ms. Grant: Strict. Don’t know her as well as Mr. Au. Don’t know teaching standards, but know that uses extreme language when it comes to teaching to make sure you understand….including Health. Took Mr. Au’s classroom and Mr. Au took Ms. Lau’s classroom (7th grade teacher).

I actually prefer Mr. Au over Ms. Grant just because I know him more and it’s less awkward with him…and I didn’t actually know he was going to have the only room in the school with lockers (since I go to a K-8th grade school).

…so yah, I ended up getting Mr. Au so was my best friend(s). YES. And the people I didn’t really …”prefer” were not in my class. :D.


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