Troll Letter to Teacher – Because I’m Like That

He probably won’t realize it, but since he wrote a letter to everyone in our class and told us to write a letter back, just to show him what he’ll be expecting for the next 10 months I am planning on writing a maximum of 10 pages. I am just trying to be a troll and see his reaction to my dedication and specific-ness.

Usually I don’t write so much, actually I have never written anything longer than 3 pages so this is probably a big step to take, including the fact that I just started 8th grade, he only expects the class to write to the maximum 5 paragraphs, I always rush when I write and try to finish it the earliest I can, and am a really lazy person. He included that all the questions he asked  – we should answer. Now the questions; they can be trolled on so easily. Like one, “What did you do this summer?”; obviously I did alot. I mean 2 months, there is a lot that can be done even if I was home most of the time. That question will consume the most pages in my point of view. I am planning on writing a rough draft and then typing down a final draft to see if I made any errors and fix them so at least I don’t seem dumb in the the process of trolling. This is probably how it will go down. On Monday I will go up to him and hand him the 10 (or more, you never know) and say, “Here is my letter, hope it’s not too long” and he’s probably gonna giggle first and then take it and be like, “Thank You…”. Omg, hope to see the reaction I am looking for; results come in this Monday. Plus, so far I have only spent 10 minutes on this and finished about 2 pages meaning front is one page, and back is another.


2 responses to “Troll Letter to Teacher – Because I’m Like That

  1. You are such an overachiever oh my goodness. I was never like you in 8th grade. Actually, I’m not even like you and I’m an 11th grader! I’m sure your teacher would enjoy reading that letter, I would love to myself. I like reading about other people.

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