Over the Few Days

I have been up to a lot over the past few days.

I created my signature …stuff.

Signature phrase: FLiM

Signature Dance: roll arms in circular motion then flap arms.

So yah. There really isn’t an exact meaning to FLiM. It’s just something I say when it seems like it’s the right time. For example: “FLiM-tastic!” or *when an conversation gets quite because there is not much to talk about* “So….FLiM”. Yah, pretty much like that.

We also have to start on our art projects: So, pretty much the main concept is “Contrast” we have to draw something in the background and write something in the …foreground that contrast each other. For example, “World Peace” would be what the text would say in the foreground and there would be war in the background. It doesn’t have to completely show what you’re trying to show in the background…you can use abstract. Which is what I’m going to do.

My art is going to be about ideas and perspectives.

Text (in the foreground): Two perspectives are enough.

Background A bunch of lines (that actually say “ideas can vary” without you knowing it. And I’m going to color the lines or cut out textures and glue that on the gaps.

This not only explains the what it says right on the piece of artwork..jfsoajeoajoiejoaj…so pretty much, it has a deeper meaning.

It is also trying to show how people have the right to express themselves, for example, people that can’t choose the job they want in the future because of their parents are against it (or have “better” plans. But my teacher had a different idea: she thought that it could also show how teachers say, “Okay so tell me two perspectives of an idea” or “We are going to start a debate topic and XXX is the topic and we need two sides of it” but there may be more than just two ideas.

So this is pretty much how It would looks like...not exactly though...better!


One response to “Over the Few Days

  1. Oh my goodness, I haven’t read your blog in so long. I’m so happy to see how much it has changed! That art project sounds exciting, I’m sure you’ll be having fun!

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