NYTimes : A Planet with Two Suns

So recently, I downloaded the app for NYTimes on Google Chrome and it is actually a app worth downloading. I learned so  much from it; like how they found a planet that orbits 2 Suns. I think that is actually pretty cool. But I don’t understand how it works. They said the cycle would stop at 2014 and the planet will orbit the bigger sun and the other sun (they didn’t explain what that would do)…yah.

…OH, wait.  just found a video to slightly explain it.

I can’t post the video for some reason, so just go to this link:


I see now that the smaller sun orbits the bigger sun (like a planet) and the planet orbits the bigger sun. But I wouldn’t say it’s orbiting two suns; it’s just orbiting one while the other is acting like a planet.


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