I should really start writing everyday, about what I have done. It would be nice to look back a few years from now and see what I used to do and be like, “Oh, I remember that. Good times”. So I guess I should start now and not waste anytime.

Today, Mr. Au was not happy with out class. I can tell why, we were pretty frustrating. But we aren’t usually like this. I guess today just wasn’t a good day for him.

One of the guys in our class, I’m not going to say what I think of him, because I don’t want to…yah, got a haircut and the whole day he was crying or in a really really bad mood. He was forced by his mom and it was pretty short. His hair used to be right above his shoulder. I guess change takes time to get used to for a few people.

We also had the most boring gym class. Our unit was actually for football but since it starting raining at around 12:30/12:45 we had to play inside and Mrs. Grant made like a random game, slightly related to football. It was kinda like a tag game and like a few  people are it and can only tag the people that don’t have a football. There were like 6 footballs and so the objective was (obviously) to have a football, but you could only hold it for 5 seconds and if you got tagged you had to do 5 jumping jacks…so I don’t really think running away was…important. I MEAN 5 JUMPING JACKS!!! Mrs. Grant didn’t teach up gym last year, Mr. Chan did but now he’s only gonna teach grades 6 and under. Mrs. Grant get’s the intermediates : grade 7 and 8, if you didn’t already guess.

I seriously hate it when it rains. But I learned something new today: my backpack is waterproof!

Mr. Au: he likes to put mistakes on papers he self creates. Like maybe a rubric. Mistakes like grammar…or spelling. I found like two mistakes and gave one away to Moxi, a guy that sits in my table.

I asked my friends, if they had to have a future son who in our grade would they want as their future son…I chose Moxi because he’s the least annoying and really adorable…I hate how people would immediately assume I like him….BECAUSE IT WOULD NEVER BE LIKE THAT.

The reason it’s good to find mistakes is because he records if we found mistakes …and he calls them “fuzzy points” because of the teddy bear in our class, Fuzzy. And plus the last grade 8s were obsessed with fuzzy…and k-pop (korean music). Mr. Au says I would perfectly fit for last years class, for my obsession of k-pop. Oh yah, you could trade your fuzzy points for a bag of candy or points he can add to a test. I would suggest the bag of candy…but they are gooodddd! My friend got a bag of candy because she found a mistake…and the candy was EPIC. So far, I got 4 fuzzy points…which means 4 pouches of CANDY! -.- Not telling my parents about this so they won’t make me save my fuzzy points for additional marks on tests.


EDIT: So, I didn’t realize I wrote like this. I seriously used to write like a complete teenager and I was only 13 at the time. This is actually very sad for me right now. Plus, I wasn’t even hyper. *Sigh* I’m actually laughing at this post right now. This is why you should blog: to see your past and laugh at yourself.

New Edit: I read this again, not realizing I had re-read this in the past. I haven’t changed a bit, except for the way I write. The part where it said, “Plus, I wasn’t even hyper. *Sigh*,” I began to laugh and then laughed even harder when I saw that I laughed at this in the past at the exact same time. Wow, it’s good to look back at your stupidity and know you still are just that.


2 responses to “09/19/2011:THE DAY I WAS SUPER HYPER!

  1. Aw, the poor kid who had his hair cut. He basically had his identity forced away from him. That game in gym class sounds ridiculous. I mean really, 5 jumping jacks? They’re just making you do extra stuff. Personally I find jumping jacks to look ridiculous, but not as much as lunges.

    • Well, if you got to know him more, you would have realized how he is extremely overreacting. Actually, he always overreacts. He’s one of those types of kids that whines, nags, can’t fit in because of those issues, etc. I mean I sound pretty mean for putting names on him…but if you knew him like I knew him…you wouldn’t be able to handle it.

      Yah, Mrs. Grant said she made it up on the spot since it started raining and she had other plans.

      [Hopefully he doesn’t know that I have a personal blog] :P

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