My Disagreement with Toronto’s/Canada’s Beings. 9/22/2011

          So, today is the last day of summer. I don’t really mind. I like fall. Well, other than the fact of the super strong winds and the cold air. I liked summer in California because it wasn’t as hot as it is here in Toronto.

In Toronto, we have super super super heat waves, even though the term “heat wave” is barely used here. I mean, if the metric system applies in a country, almost everything changes, in a bad way. I really can’t handle the metric system. I am just not used to it so I can’t visualize it in my head. Like I know how far a mile is, but I can’t understand how far a kilometer is…I mean kilometre. Wouldn’t it technically be pronounced differently. I just hate the fact that the whole english term has changed to a different spelling (i.e. favourite, metre, centre, etc). So to make feel a little bit more calm (and rude), I pronounce it in the way that it has been spelled. It once bugged my friend so I enjoyed it.

I was out of the topic for a second; more like a paragraph :P.

Now the flowers are going to go away and the leaves will fall…because it’s fall. Too bad. But I really don’t care. :P.

The thing that bugs me most about the weather here in Toronto is because it’s just out of control. For example, in winter it is extremely cold (and the wind makes it worse); in summer it is extremely hot (and there is barely a breeze to keep us [meaning me] cool); in spring it’s too rainy and that causes the earthworms to come out [a lot of earthworms die in the process, but I’m not those type of people that care a lot of animals]; and finally in the fall it’s way too windy and cold. When I mean windy, I mean it can force your entire body to be moved. Even though that sounded a little such that the guys in my class can make a joke from it, I am not joking…even though I tend to on a daily basis.

Hopefully, I can survive another year of the extreme seasonal changes.

Oh yah, sorry that I didn’t write yesterday. I am still getting used to doing this daily.


Happy Early First Day of Fall!


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