Today was so hot I mean I couldn’t even take it. Okay, well it wasn’t that hot but the fact that we had to have Gym today made it seem that way. Gym seems to getting more and more boring. In the beginning I liked how Mrs. Grant was teaching us how to play football but now it just seems like we are playing random mini-football-games to pass the time of Gym class.

I thought it was going to rain today, but now I think of it maybe it will rain tomorrow. It rained on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and almost Sunday. So almost every other day, which is pretty annoying. I used to like rain but when I got used to it; not as much. I guess I just hate any type of weather that involves rapid change and a nuisance.

I swear my hair is so annoying, for the fact that it’s curly. My baby hair reminds me of Albert Einstein (who’s blood type AB). It goes all crazy. The only way I can keep it from being a crazy freak show is by straightening it, but I’m too lazy to do that.

Right now I have to think about applying for high schools. Just think. I am thinking about going to an arts high school. I can either chose form Earl Haig (which has an arts program) or ESA. There are still alot more options but I can only apply for 4. There is a big problem with that my dad may want to go back to California so if I apply and I have to move then I have to apply again! I am really not in the mood but if I do have to move then I’m going to ask one of my friends in Cali to recommend a school there. It’s a good thing we still keep in touch!


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