9/29/2011 : Death of a 30-something Sub

So, today was a pretty crazy day. It started with having an assembly in the morning and the whole school having to dance to the macarena. Then, our french teacher was unusually happier than usual.

Just some minutes before lunch an announcement came up saying something about a meeting about “Miss.Timmel” (don’t know how to spell her name). I didn’t really know what they were gonna do and I couldn’t come up with anything. Some of the people asked our teacher if he could tell us what the meeting was about and he told us he would tell us if he was allowed to. He ended up telling us.

After lunch, our teacher told us about the sad news that “Miss. Timmel” had died because of something to do with her kidney just a few days ago. The worst part is that she seemed like a really young person and everything happened so fast. My friend told me that the last time she saw her was only a week ago. Weird, to see something one time and then gone at another time. We ended up mourning for her by playing a game of soccer baseball. I know kind of weird, but our teacher wanted us to play so we wouldn’t think about the tragedy so much. It was a very good coincidence because that was the last thing I did with Miss. Timmel: play soccer baseball, which was last year, but we [meaning the guys] were really mean to her because of the competitiveness in our class.

It’s still taking time for me to realize I will never see her face [meaning her as a whole] again. How is that possible? How can they just…go…like that? I really don’t know how the world exactly works, no one does, but I’m one of those people that don’t understand why it works this way.


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