“What one thing can’t you seem to scratch off your to-do list?”

One thing that I can’t seem to scratch off my to-do list is to make a to-do list. Just joking. It’s probably to make an art portfolio to enter an art high school. I am pretty much the most laziest person in my family; my entire family. Like looking through a family tree, I’d probably be too lazy to make one, I would be the laziest out of all of my ancestors.

There are reasons why I can’t and don’t want to make a art portfolio, apply for a school, and plan for the future.

  1. My dad is thinking of going back to “the States” and that would mean twice the applying. He doesn’t know if we are going to move or not…he can’t make his mind up. So maybe in the last minute I may be moving, or I may be staying in for another year, or so.
  2. My lazy factor goes over the top. I procrastinate a lot. I tell myself, “You shouldn’t do that”. But I end up “doing that”. I told myself that I would create a portfolio at August, but I didn’t and the applications are next week and the portfolio in somewhere around January and February. Why does life have to be so hard?
  3. The feeling of not seeing almost all my friends and acquaintances just makes me feel like life is just going to get harder. And I really, really, really don’t want to be a loner. One thing that I hate is being a loner.
   Hopefully I end up getting things done in the future. HOPEFULLY…

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