10/11/2011 Part 1

Today was pretty interesting. I wouldn’t say it was an awesome day or a horrible day; it just was a weird day. I went to school and our first period was French. Last week we were working on a group assignment of writing items on the menu in French of a fast-food restaurant. Our teacher assigned us to the famous fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s. We had to write the special items (for example Big Mac, Double Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, fries, etc); drinks (i.e. coke, coca-cola, sprite, orange juice, etc); and desserts (i.e. baked pie, muffins, etc.) onto a big piece of chart paper.

Today we had to present our chart paper to the class and so we had to assign who said what. It was pretty awkward because no-one said a word. We really had nothing to say and we assigned who said what after 5 minutes of silence while the rest of the class went babbling on about random stuff.

All I did was, after ten seconds of the silence I said, “…awkward~”. My friend, Emily, chuckled and everyone in my group (5 others not including me) just stared at me as if they were saying, you just noticed?  I did notice, I just didn’t say anything until the awkward moment seemed obvious.

We then had Math where I got another Fuzzy Point (a type of money where we can trade in for candy or add a mark to our tests by finding corrections in papers or other things that Mr. Au hands to us). The whole class probably hates me for stealing all the fuzzy points from them. But hey, I really need some candy; because it helps me live longer…well longer than good grades….kind of.

When we had to go to Science, we found out that tomorrow we are going to have another lab where we get to enjoy some Coca-Cola. Now that is called a nice way to learn Science.

Right now I am writing this when I’m having my lunch because I come home for lunch. I’ll probably make one more post of what happened today…if anything interesting does happen.


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