My Art Presentation…

…helped me feel more confident when I present because it actually went smoother than I thought it would.

I couldn’t print out my explanation because the printer was jammed so I knew I would have to ad lib, which would only make me twice as nervous. So, as my classmates presented their masterpieces, I was thinking about how I would present my art. I already knew I wanted to do the most basic and formal way of presenting art…just explaining the meaning. I ended up doing so and for some reason it was pretty funny.

There is one kid in my class that really likes questioning everyone and you wouldn’t call him a debater; you’d call him a wrangler, which is pretty much someone who argues noisily or angrily. Everyone has to watch out for this kid because he can really mess you up and make you get a lower grade because you can’t answer his question.

I ended up starting my explanation with introducing my art:

Me: This is my art. It’s called “Variations”. Now Amanda what do you think about it?

Amanda: It’s colorful.

Me: What about you Allen?

Allen: It’s (I am not sure what he said).

Me: Feng?

Feng (aka wrangler): What were you smoking?

Me (laughing): All your opinions are irrelevant…at least irrelevant to my art. My art is not about the perspectives given out, it’s about how many perspectives are opinionated. For example, you may want to study your dream job in the future, but your parents want you to go for a different job. There doesn’t have to be just pleasing either you or them. You can find ways to please both you and your parents….

Mrs. Chan: Okay, any questions.

[Random people’s questions answered perfectly]

[Me and Feng Argue a lot]

[I end up winning and Mrs. Chan supports me]

The funniest part was when he was arguing when he asked a question and I responded and he was like “What the heck?!” and then was clapping sarcastically to response and then I was said, “Oh, Thank you”, even though I knew that he was being sarcastic and everybody laughed. There were also a bunch of other funny parts, but I could go on and on. You should have been to be there.


4 responses to “My Art Presentation…

  1. That kid sounds like an obnoxious jerk, oh my goodness. Good job for showing him up. I mean it’s nice to be curious but not question to the point of being a pain in the bottom. But whatever, you still stood your ground which I applaud because you made your replies on the spot. It really shows that you do connect to your art to the point where you know it inside and out. I really wish I could see some of your work uploaded onto this site!

    • Yes, I do get visitors. I have two subscribers but one of them always seems to be commenting which really encourages me to keep on posting. How did you find it on Yahoo?

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