Name a documentary that you think everyone should see.

This is a very good documentary concerning the issue of the U.S.’s issue: obesity and will change your ways …maybe even for good! I’m talking about “Super Size Me”. This is an experimental documentary where they use a healthy american and turn into a completely different person within 1 month by making him eat McDonald’s for 3 meals a day everyday! It’s crazy because he starts facing problems within a few days and the problems keep getting worse. It really shows what fast food can do to a person.

…So, watch it!


2 responses to “Name a documentary that you think everyone should see.

  1. I’ve watched “Supersize Me”! I find it just disgusting how the government could allow their citizens to eat food that would eventually kill them. I’m not sure about the Canadian government but the U.S government was made on the basis of protecting the people, and this is NOT protection by any means.

    Last year, my health teacher showed us the documentary “Food Inc.” which would let anyone who views it to understand the corruption behind the food industry. It’s disgusting and I just lost all faith in humanity after watching it. I also watched “Earthlings” which is really just depressing. I just don’t get why people treat other creatures so horribly.

    • Oh yes, I have watched “Food Inc.” too last year at my classroom because my teacher just loves to talk about world issues. She’s actually brought me to where I am now. She has enlighted my mind with so many facts, so many ways to debate, so many ways to express myself, that I feel like I’ve become one of those very, very wise 13-year-olds that you don’t see on a daily basis. But that’s not just me, that’s pretty much 1/3 of the other students that was in the same class with me last year. Other than that, “Food Inc.” just freaked me out, but I loved the style of font and format they used.

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