Life can never be simple enough to please the world.

Today, the world is so complicated that most people can’t understand it. Why we are here. Why we are told to do what we do today like go to school or go to work. Is this all just a game we created to keep ourselves from getting bored through our lifetime or is there a real meaning to distribute pieces of a paper or metal to almost every human being in the world.

We will probably never find the answer to these questions even though we are the ones who created problems that would make us ask these questions to ourselves. It’s weird because even though the human  mind created all this, we can’t answer any of the questions. We probably can guess, but we won’t have a fact that clears the mind. Thinking is good for us, but to not know what we should know is probably the thing that confuses us the most.

So I guess all they want us to do is follow the ways of life that we created, a man-made life, until the point we die. Money is the one main thing that will be in our lives. It will haunt us, pleasure us, etc.

Another main thing other than money is …nothing is free, which is still part of money. If we find a free coin on the ground it will probably consume time to go ahead, pick it up, and put it in your pocket. If you get free candy if you do a specific job, it’s not free candy. You’re still paying them in a way you wouldn’t understand if you were a kid to earn that free candy you so dearly love.

We are always going to waste time and money but when it comes to using it usefully, well I don’t think that happens often but if you do use your time and money wisely, you probably are spending time and money on using the time and money wisely in order to be productive.

Yup. Life is life and it’s probably the most unfair thing…other than being alive which is the best privileged of all.


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