Weekly Book Recommendation Introduction


I will start to give out book recommendations to thee.

I do read books and am very picky on what type of books interest me. My favorite types of books are books that make sense and draw in the reader. I also really like books that have a sequel -especially a good sequel- because then I won’t feel bad of abandoning that one  amazing book forever and it will get boring to read it over and over again.

I will post book recommendations starting tomorrow, Saturday, October 22, 2011 and go on with that every week. If there isn’t a good book to recommend, because of the fail-ness of authors today (just saying: the authors where 5 times better back then, but that’s history), then I will not post a recommendation until I do find a book and make sure it is within that week even if it that book isn’t found by Saturday.

Enjoy my book recommendations but if they bore you, please notify me because it will help me.

Remember from my last post

I don’t want to waste your time…but I really don’t want to waste my time.

Note: I can be very selfish.


2 responses to “Weekly Book Recommendation Introduction

  1. I’m looking forward to this. I’m sure a lot of people on this site will like hearing book recommendations because they’re all mostly language-lovers. I’m just an overall art/culture lover so uh yeah. Now if you were to go into a public school and recommend books, no one would take you seriously and would probably text their pals as you tell them some great book titles.

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