Book Recommendation : Hunger Games

This book was actually very interesting for a type person that is not very fond of action or adventure books. I really like the way Collins wrote and explained the book. She has her own style of writing books, but I seem to find minor errors throughout the book.

I like the fact that she set the timing in the future but I don’t like how she visualizes us humans to be like the way she wants. I am not sure if she wants us to be like this but it is still pretty weird. I don’t think we are going to act like we don’t mind watching 24 teens kill each other just because they wanted food or wanted to show pride for their District.

We did act like that in the ancient times (i.e. Ancient Greece) but the only thing we have been doing over the years is becoming more …what is the word?…humanitarian. Not only towards ourselves (meaning humans), but to animals (i.e. endangered species). For us to change from unmoral to moral to unmoral again is a bit too unrealistic. By the future we are going to start to notice more problems in the world (i.e. global warming [theory], air pollution) and we will have no choice but to save Earth and earthlings.

The idea of this is very original and I got very interested with how she created a whole world with just that book. I would recommend this to anyone but note that the ending of this book is very sudden but I think Collins only did that to get the reader to continue reading the trilogy. I have been told that the next book is mental and the last book is pretty sad but I don’t mind and that only makes me want to continue reading till the end. I only wish that this was a infinite-logy because it’s a great book.


4 responses to “Book Recommendation : Hunger Games

  1. I heard about these books because there’s a growing number of people around my age group who are reading this series. If I ever get the time I’d pick up a copy or two and read, I always like a good read. I’m glad I can hear someone telling me it’s a good book, makes me more secure in choosing something.

    • My friends used to always recommend this book to me, though I never seemed to be interested in it because I know my friends’ genre preference and it’s not one that I would be okay with. I finally gave in and read the book and I couldn’t put it down. The suspension is just so aljoajeoijqoeij~! The idea of it is just BLAH! Like I wish I thought of that kind of BLAH! But get ready to read it my friend because I am a fan of art and culture too but my god! This is by far the most entertaining book (if you’re bored).

      • Sounds promising. My friend and I were thinking of starting a book club and I recommended The Hunger Games based on your review of it but she’s so against it. I have no clue why though considering she has never read them before. I think she’s just against them because everyone else is reading it and she hates being a nonconformist haha.

      • I am exactly like that with Harry Potter. I know everything about it though. To be able to fully state why you are against something, you have to know what it is. The worst part is that all my friends are crazy of Harry Potter so I have to live with it. I felt that the Hunger Games was stupid because everyone else was reading it, even though I didn’t know what it was about, but I tried it after my friends kept on bugging me. It was actually very awesome. Tell “her” to give it a try…she may like it.

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