The Thing About Jellyfish

Jellyfish are one of the most amazing things. They have been thought to be here, in Earth, more than 500 millions years ago. They come in all different shapes and sizes and live all around the world in every major body of water (i.e. oceans). Some can live in the shallow waters with less “sting-itude” and others can live in the deepest waters and have a major amount of “sting-itude”. Some jellyfish can live forever … immortal jellyfish!

Most jellyfish live to maximum of months if not a few hours but “Turritopsis nutricula” jellyfish have these special type of cells that allow them to change back to a polyps which allows them to bypass death by changing their life cycles, or reversing their life cycles. The only way they can die is from a disease or from a predator.

But today the number of jellyfish are increasing rapidly (like us humans) due to over fishing. Because we over fish, we kill the predators or lower the amount of predators that feed on jellyfish allowing jellyfish time to reproduce and if some jellyfish live up to only a few hours, they only have a few hours to reproduce, meaning the reproduction can be very, very fast. The approximate population of jellyfish is about 200 million right now.

The longest and largest jellyfish in the world is probably the the longest specimen in the world too. I’m talking about the lion’s mane jellyfish. They can grow up to approx. 73 meters long. It’s capability of the “sting-itude” aren’t that high actually. They only cause temporary pain and redness.

lion's mane jellyfish

Some jellyfish, like the box jellyfish has eyes. Yes, eyes; and their venom isn’t like the lion’s mane jellyfish. It can actually cause problems. The sea wasp, a species from the box jellyfish, is one of the most venomous creature in the world or known as the most lethal jellyfish in the world. But the malo kingi is the one that scares me the most. Unlike the sea wasp, the malo kingi jellyfish is only about the size of a thumb nail, but it is deadly. It not only causes death, but awful symptoms before death. You can get severe pain, vomiting, and a rapid rise in your blood pressure…all that with death.  DEATH.

malo kingi

box jellyfish

sea wasp

In my opinion, I believe that jellyfish will live longer than us humans. They have lived longer than us but I believe that they will be here even after we are gone due to their reproduction pace and “the immortal ones”. Well we never know but please enjoy this jellyfish called the comb jellyfish that’s like  a rave party in the deep dark sea.


One response to “The Thing About Jellyfish

  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve been through this whole wildlife obsession craze that started just this weekend. I gained this new respect for barn owls and I’m so interested in a bunch of different creatures. Your post only adds to this man, I really do think jellyfish are cool. I remember flipping over in surprise when I found out that there was a jellyfish that was pretty much immortal, that’s like evolution to the max. I agree with you saying that we would probably die out before the jellyfish, the human race isn’t the brightest one out of the bunch.

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