I laugh for everything and anything that is funny, including the fact that it can be inappropriate or wrong, but that is only because I get influenced quickly and understand everything around me. So yes, I do think wrong but that is who I am and unfortunately I can’t change that. But on the other hand I am very happy that I laugh a lot because not only is laughter the best medicine but it also helps you live longer.

This is not one of those “The Thing About…” posts where I explain about laughter and go in detail and explain it’s origins. It is pretty much about how today when my classmates were chatting with me, one of them came to the topic of how I laugh at anything. He fake laughed to prove it but I didn’t laugh; he then laughed for real and I started laughing and he replied with a , “See!”.

It is true which I only just realized. I am usually looked upon as one of the only girls in the class that thinks wrong or actually understands a joke. It’s not like I can’t help it; I love to joke around and the people in my class are very funny, including my teacher.

Laughter also improves the personality of one’s….personality so I suggest you guys laugh more often and make more jokes. Only one thing to be concerned about though, don’t make a joke that ends up failing that no one understands.

P.S. People will notice your personality and not only look at you as a person that isn’t all strict but also as someone that has a sense of humor. It’s good to have a sense of humor!


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