Spirit Day: Rainbow; Assembly; EOEC Trip

Today, each grade is assigned to wear a specific color to school. In order to see the variety, we are going to have an assembly today and maybe they will take a picture to show the rainbow-nesseses.

I am in grade 8 and we are assigned to pink because we are the most mature and wouldn’t get upset for the fact that it is pink, which seems to be very true because the only thing the guys complained about was,  I don’t have a pink t-shirt, though. We also get to put a piece of construction paper on ourselves if we don’t have a shirt that is pink, which seems to work too.

The only weird thing about this is that, since I’m in a combo class and the grade 7’s are going to wear white, it will seem a little awkward. It won’t look like one class, but a combination. I guess I don’t completely mind that.

In the assembly, we are going to recognize the people that followed the trait of this month, which I think is responsibility. I got the award for last month’s trait, which is empathy, I think. We are also going to show a slideshow of what happened in October and I was the person to but the video together, along with another grade 7. The intermediate vocal students (I’m one of them) are also going to perform “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Hopefully everything goes as planned!

After the Assembly:

Omg, the assembly went horrible. It was like the worst possible thing that could happen to me…I mean us. When we sang for the school…let’s just say we are now the laughing stock of the assembly.

We couldn’t even get the beat right when we started singing. Some people were too shy and embarrassed. I understand what they were thinking so I thought it would be nice to just smile and act like nothing is going wrong. But my god, it was. The only thing that kept me smiling were the 1st graders and my classmates. The 1st graders are just so cute, I couldn’t help stare at them the whole time. My classmates were just grooving along to the song, but I know they were  just mocking us in a really nice way.  And then, there was no more time left for my slideshow!

I wasn’t able to show my masterpiece to the whole school. I had put so many embarrassing photos that I was so upset that it all went to waste. It is going to be viewed at the next assembly, but that is too far away in my point of view.

I will be gone on Monday-Wednesday because I am going on one of my school trips related to outdoor education. I hope it is going to be fun and nice but I don’t mind; at least I’ll be able to get away from the school for a few days. And in school trips, everyone seems to talk to each other more often. I’ve always loved that about school trips; we seem to be happier of each others’ presence.

Hope this goes well!


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