The Thing About Facebook

Google seems to be updating now. Finally! It’s on the edge of glory! The Gmail’s new look is so awesome. I am so proud to use Google and see it grow over the years. I can’t believe I’m as old as Google, even though it’s so much more smarter than me. I seemed to also have been waiting for Google + to come out for a long time but realized that it’s only for people 18 years and older…sad. The best thing I like about Google + is that it’s so secured. You can pick the circles that you want to show your posts and pictures. It feels so cool to be around a social networking site that has just started, unlike Facebook, which took time to grow. I am not a fan of Facebook. I would never press the “Like” button. It has a lot of problems.

For kids my age (teens), Facebook causes psychological problems. I am not sure the reason why but I can already infer it has to do with over-usage. It also creates a lot of cyber bullies. You get carried away by Facebook and start communicating with people you may not usually talk to, or you would only talk to them on Facebook. Why Facebook anyways? We are the “consumers”. We can choose which site we like the best and Facebook just seems so boring. You can’t change the skin. You can’t customize anything to fit your needs. All you can do is mini blog, which no one on Facebook even does.

I think the only reason people use Facebook is because your friends and acquaintances go on Facebook. Just to let you know; the teens that are going against me right now, you are going to face a lot of problems in the future. What problems, eh? (My inner Canadian just shined there.) You won’t see who you are talking to, so you won’t know their emotions. That will allow you to say whatever you please. You can be completely be rude to someone and not feel bad about it, because you can’t see how upset they are.

People can hack your account and chat with people, telling them things that you wouldn’t tell anyone, making it seem as if your the one chatting with them, when you really aren’t. This can cause a lot of problems and can make you seem really, really bad.

The only way you would be able to use Facebook right now is by accepting the Terms & Conditions. This will allow Facebook to control your account. They can save anything you did…forever, even if you didn’t your account. This will be very helpful for employers because then they can know what you have done. They can look at your chats, they can look at your pictures, they can look at your statuses, they can do anything. You may think this is very overrated, but if you were an employer, you wouldn’t want to hire the wrong guy.

Before you do something you wish you wouldn’t have….make the right decision!

I am proud to say that I’m Facebook free for 1 year…I think!


3 responses to “The Thing About Facebook

  1. I have a facebook but I barely do anything on it besides post the odd picture here and there. Personally, I don’t see why people spend hours on that site. I just check the news feed to check on friends, schoolmates, and news on my iPod and then leave. I also find that chat feature to be one of the universe’s evils. I refuse to use it because it’s so much better to talk to someone in person than over a computer screen.

    • You’re probably one of the very few people that use Facebook in a calm manner. Others will just stay on it for hours, commenting rubbish on rubbish posts: rude comments, weird comments, etc. They will probably never gain anything from it other than situations if they interact with their peers in a negative type of manner, which seems to happen a lot through chat. Maybe if they delete their Facebook they will get over it and won’t have an obsession. That’s what happened to me and deactivating it worked very well.

  2. Its really true Akanksha. Now a days ppl are more often using the computer so there is no wrong about a social web site like FB. Instead of make a call or visiting their place (if the friend is living far) and in busy schedules it is very convinient to say Hi on FB. But when you have more than 200 friends it is going to be bit closer to the obsession.
    Very good post. Keep it up. Keep posting.
    Love u dear,

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