First Dance of the Year

Yup. This was the first dance of the year for 2011-2012 students in my school. I knew I had to go because in our school we do this thing where the raffle a guy and a girl who have to dance with each other. This is very embarrasing for most people, and that is why I stay and enjoy the embarrasment.

I am a shipper. I own ships, boats, etc. My ships are usually rented but I just started the business so no one has actually rented any yet. These ships only go to an uncharted island somewhere in a beautiful area. I choose who I want to ship and only those who I ship are allowed to use my ships. Most people say that you should only ship fictional characters but ….that’s just so mainstream. I ship real people! :D

I ship my friends, my classmates, random abiotic objects; anything.

To know who are worthy of my shipping, I go to the school dance for grades 7 and 8 and see who will have to dance with each other and there my shipping contracts begin. The only thing I have to watch out is getting shipped myself…which almost happened but luckily I saved myself. Shippers only have the power to ship, not ordinary people. So for those that try to ship me….it ain’t gonna happen. …. :D

The dance went pretty well. Some one the 7th graders are a bit…hyper so they went crazy but the 8s were more mellow. I would say I am not the completely party type of person but I would love to be. The people around me…which is pretty much all the people, create this aura of awkwardness to dance, which pretty much tells me to not over do the dancing. I learned a lot from the dance though…which I will just keep to myself for now.


3 responses to “First Dance of the Year

  1. Oh man, I would crap my pants if I was picked in the raffle to be with someone. Also, do they consider sexuality at all? I mean, how would a lesbian or gay dude react to having to dance with the other sex?

    But I guess it’s for the entertainment. Haha I wish I could be friends with you in real life. Your inclination to shipping is hilarious. In that paragraph I thought you were serious and I was confused considering you were only in 8th grade. Took me a while to understand that it was the other “shipping”.

    But yeah, you should try going to a lot of social events. In my opinion, it’s just fun to go with friends and have a good time. The last school dance I’ve been to was in 8th grade but that’s because dances in high school are reserved for upperclassman and lowerclassmen with “connections”. Being a junior this year, I’m considering going. If I don’t, I’ll definitely go next year.

    • I wish I was your friend in real life too. I have a friend that I’ve been shipping for months now with one of her “friends” and I finally told him that he’s being shipped like about a few weeks ago and I made the right decision. It’s so much easier to tease both of them. They try to ship me with people, but hey, they don’t have the legal documents and copyrights…or even a shipping company to do that. It won’t work.

      Yesterday, she literally could not take my shipping anymore (:P) and she went to about a quarter of the guys in my class telling them I like them. The funny thing was that she was never satisfied because they all knew that that was not true. SHIPPING DOES NOT WORK UPON THE SHIPPER. She still hasn’t realized that though.

      It would be awkward if my classmates found my blog and read all this because they will know everything in my opinion of what happened today. But I don’t really mind :P.

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