My Creepiness Factor Has Exceeded All Standards.

I have a thing for really cute and adorable people, especially little kids. The most impressive people are the ones that are my age or one year younger than me who are adorable. I will probably befriend them in the next second or so.

Me and my friend planned on being creepers for the next few months or so. We will start with one person, saying hi to them every time we make eye contact. We started with a 7th grader (who is in our class since I’m in a combo. class) and we’ve been saying hi to him for about 2 days. He is already annoyed of us and to make matters worse we told him that we have adopted him and that he is our son. We want to be like the annoying parents that you would never want to see walking around your school. The second day we chose to adopt another 7th grader in our class. These are our only children, by the way. He is still trying to get used to it but we’ve been saying hi to him too.

On Monday, we will go to another 7th grader in our class, which we have already picked out, and bug him like we did with the other two. By the next month we will probably get the whole class. This is actually made to look like creepers and annoy everyone. I also want to talk to people more casually in our grade and in our class. They will probably get used to it and soon I will have more people that I can talk with. YAH!

Okay I have finished this post for the day…maybe.

This works best with a friend by your side.

Okay, I’ll stop typing now.



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