My Awesome Technique in Phys. Ed.

I am probably one of the best students in Phys. Ed. They way I throw a ball in Dodgeball is so unique, that it curves exactly when it’s about to hit someone and it passes them right on queue. When I’m hitting a ball for baseball, I save so much energy that the farthest it goes is 3 feet away from the base.

I probably should go to the Olympics when I get older, if blogging was a sport. Hey, almost everything is a sport nowadays so I’m pretty sure I would win at that.

The game that I hate the most has got to be Soccer Baseball. It is so annoying and we always play it. This may seem biased since I am not very good but I just can’t take the repetitiveness of the game. I hope they disband it.


Even though I am not a fan.


2 responses to “My Awesome Technique in Phys. Ed.

  1. Oh my gosh, we should compete against each other. I can’t throw for my life and I have the worst hand-eye coordination ever! No wait I have a better idea! We can team up and BURN THE OLYMPICS TO THE GROUND!

    I actually like playing sports, I just SUCK HARD.

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