Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins: Book Recommendation

This book was truly amazing. It has improved and is improving. The books does go through everything a bit faster than the last book but that doesn’t change how amazing it is.
The first book itself was so awesome that I went and bought the hardcover set to read the rest of the books. This books was so confusing that only the ones that can keep up will understand it. You really need to remember almost all the characters to not get completely confused.

Collins still seemed to make a lot of grammar mistakes but I ended up getting used to it.

At first I didn’t know why Collins chose the title to be “Catching Fire” until I got to last few pages of the book. It really doesn’t seem to make sense until you have almost finished the book. Long story short, everyone is trying to catch the fire…or so the girl on fire: Katniss whether they are trying to protect her or kill her.

I seemed to love the character Finnick Odair. He is truly eye catching just by reading the description of his characteristics. I hope the actor will play him well. Him and Cato are the only characters I seemed the like. The character I hated the most was, in fact, Katniss. She doesn’t know how to make up her mind. She is not educationally stupid, but she is pretty stupid in general. She is very, very dense…and “pure” (quoted by Peeta).
I hope to see more people read this book and I will tell the next generation, when I become Finnick’s age, to read this book…this trilogy.


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