the Thing about…Reality Versus Dreams

Our mind is perplexed with the complexity of the world in which we live. There are hallucinations in which we wonder if we dreamed through it or if it really happened. The idea of dreams even coming true is a marvelous thing. It is something everyone wishes would happen. Nightmares are things we would usually avoid. Avoid the pain of going through troubles and hardships that haunt our time of peace and serenity. Dreaming can go to a point in which we wish we weren’t facing the reality we live in, because it is something that seems to have turned into a nightmare. The frightening thing is having to walk up and realizing that we have just dreamed something we so wanted; we so needed, yet our reality chattered our hopes and wishes. It’s just a stressing awakening of the place where everything has turned to a wondering mush of wibbly wobbly confusion. The most confusing thing is believing something happened yet at the end, it was all just a dream. Like finally being able to go to that one country you so longingly waited to go to; actually seeing the sights, actually believing  you’ve went to this amazing place that seems to be it’s own world.

This seems to happen the same time that you have just left that place that you went as a school trip. You think that you’ve went to this amazing museum only to find out from the others that have also went on the trip that that museum was not even part of the trip. It’s all so confusing to get it into your head that it had never happened. How? It seemed all so real. You actions were the same actions you make in reality. The dissatisfaction of that bounds back to the rest of your day.

When your reading this, think ‘well, isn’t this all just a dream’. The world we live is so much like a game that I get confused as to if there is any point in participating. Participating in using money, having to make yourself soft to the eye everyday so society won’t judge, participating in society; the list really does go on. We can live life without having to play along with all these unnecessary things. But I think money has turned important because distribution of resources would be too much for such a big population today and some people don’t have the power to search/hunt for resources on their own. And also, in my mind, I believe that we could end up going to a different planet after we die….kind of like a game…kind of.

As we live in our reality, don’t get too chased away as to where you are. If you dream too much, you may get sucked in and never really be able to enjoy the reality. If you do want to enjoy it, then make an action…an action that is possible…not something that you thought of in your dream (which isn’t possible). If you set an action and it succeeds then you have just proven to yourself that you can help yourself and create the reality you want. If you fail, there’s no point in giving up. If you give up then that just shows that you will probably never be able to do anything.


You have to devote yourself into something and try again. Try again. Try to find a different way to get the reality you want or choose a different type of reality you want…again, one that is possible. If you get the reality you want then there will be no point of dreaming anymore. You already have the reality you been so longing for and it’s come to be so amazing that it’s almost a dream. BUT IT’S NOT! It’s really what you want.

As to what dreams mean, we can use inferences which have become a fact, but for why dreams are implanted into heads without any apparent reason is something the world may never know.


2 responses to “the Thing about…Reality Versus Dreams

  1. Dear daughter,
    I am thrilled and amazed of your recent post about dreams.
    I am a good dreamer too. But I never try to put them on paper and let anybody know.
    I studied in a Telugu medium school. May be one of the reasons I was scared to put my words in public. With my father and your support I will able to understand about literature try to implement in my life.
    You made me proud.
    Keep writing.

    • …Why you gotta be like this? You should just start writing. No one is gonna notice your blog unless you go look at other blogs. This will help on your “Engrish”. You’re so hipster…don’t write cheesy stuff! OH, and of course daddy will not support me in literature. I have to grow to be “da” computer engineer.

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