Why You Should Blog!!

I have been getting more used to posting posts on this blog but I’m really more of a type to look at other people’s blogs and re-blog their posts (esp. on tumblr). I am really glad that I continued to writing in this blog because it feels like I can express what happens on my daily life in a better way. I don’t feel like I can gain anything if I just talk about it to someone just because they happen to be there. I would like to talk about it to a person that is interested and actually takes the time to listen.

If I make a post and someone actually looks upon it and reads it and likes my post, it makes me feel so much better because something that has happened to me has accounted to something. I would completely recommend blogging or just writing about anything to express yourself to improve your social skills, confidence, and your educational mark regarding English.

I know English is a pretty complicated subject since you get marked based on the teachers style of writing and marking. I think Math is easier since it’s based on facts. If you write  blog then you will start to understand what people want to know and how you can explain it to make it interesting.

It’s also a good idea to read books because then you know the format of how to write and it kind of makes me want to write a book to (which I am doing at the moment). You won’t feel lonely if you write about yourself, especially if you have someone look at your blog, so send me your url to  your blog if you get convinced by this effortless post and I will be sure to comment and view the blog for as long as I can.

Happy Holidays!


5 responses to “Why You Should Blog!!

  1. I will agree with you. You improved day by day. You are using good vocabulary.
    I would like to tell you that I shared your blog with my friends and family.
    I thought , now it is the right time to present your blog to others and make a little exposure. Hope you agree with me.

  2. Oh my gosh, AMEN to that! Ever since I’ve started blogging, my English marks have gone up, I’m a better writer, and I’ve developed a love for reading. Now I preach the glory of reading to everyone I meet because to tell you the truth, no one here reads.

  3. You have represented your ideas in an original, interesting and intelligent manner. Your content is great and thought-provoking in my opinion. I agree with your ideas for the most part. Your work is very impressive.

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