Secret Santa

It’s Christmas, for some of the people that are too afraid to go outside and learn the news that the world has given to us. For our classroom we are doing something called Secret Santa. It is when you are supposed to give a gift to someone who you have drawn a name off. Your name also gets drawn but you won’t know who Secret Santa is until the day of the present exchanges or if someone ends up telling you. In my old school, we didn’t participate in this -we didn’t even know what this was or that there was such a thing- so that is why I am giving a definition.

Last year, I immediately found out who my Secret Santa was but I didn’t really mind because I really didn’t know how all this worked. This year the same thing happened but I was a little more disappointed because I didn’t want to know. I wanted it all to be a surprise. The funny thing was that I got also got me, so we are each other’s Secret Santas. I ended up getting her a stuffed reindeer.  It looks really cute but it’s more of a home decor. I have not idea what she got me but I am guessing it’s chocolate, since that is what I asked for. I asked by putting the things I wanted on the piece of paper with my name on it which would be reaped by her. 

On the day of the gift exchange (which is Thursday), we are also going to have a potluck. This seems really fun because we getting to have a nice party at the same time. Our school seems to be really in the spirit because we have been having an assembly every day this week to sing Christmas carols. I hope everyone has happy holidays! ENJOY!

P.S. When choosing a gift give meaning to it. Apparently from what my friends keep telling me I must stay away from gift cards, money, chocolates, and cards, because they show you have put any effort to getting a nice gift. What you should do is stalk the person like a creeper until you get the idea of what they would want. Get something original and interesting. Something that most people wouldn’t get someone.


2 responses to “Secret Santa

  1. I remember doing this secret santa thing at a temple I went to (it was a buddhist temple so I dunno why they’re doing christmas but that’s not the point). I remember i was the secret santa of some bratty teenage chick and me being like, 9 at the time didn’t know what to get her. I ended up just giving her a bunch of Mcdonalds toys I kept and a dollar. She kept the dollar.

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