It Snows After Christmas

As you know, my blog is pretty much centered around the snowing of Toronto. But I didn’t name it that because I’m amazed by the snow here. I name it Toronto’s Snow because that is one of the many things that annoy me when I’m outside and going to school. It’s snow that always gets in my. I should have named this blog Toronto’s Wind though because that is the main component of annoyance. When it rains, hails, snows, or is just bloody cold it won’t get to me unless there’s wind, which unfortunately, there always is. Especially in winter and fall, the wind seems to affect me so much I feel like I’m about to go nuts. I used to live in the valley where all the mountains used to block off the wind. But now I live very above sea level. The wind never seems to stop and it also makes everything feel colder. On a day of about seven degrees Celsius, the wind chill can change it to feel like two degrees Celsius. I like to be very controversial so this is why I created the blog. And obviously I usually get controversial when something really, really annoys me.

It’s December 27, 2011 and it finally started to snow. I am not sure if this snow is going to stick and stay but my best guesses is that it will. I t looks like the snow lands on the ground and melts off. Nothing seems to be packing now but there’s a lot of snow. This happened some weeks ago when I was at school around the time when recess started and it looked exactly how it is looking now. But it got worse and seemed like a blizzard. That blizzard-y feel lasted for 5-10 minutes until it started cooling of by just a bit and we saw that the snow started to stick. The snow is getting faster now. It seems to be doing the exact same thing. When we went back for class, the snow was still there until the next day when it all got melted off more the bright sun. That won’t happen this time (by my educated guess) because it seemed to be getting colder and colder. It’s true though what you were thinking or at least should have been thinking; we had a black Christmas. There was no snow. Now for someone my age and the mainstream idea of someone my age, I would be pretty bummed out about this. Well, I”m not. This is one thing that I’m glad happened because I was really not in the mood for soothing to happen that was so mainstream and typical for other people’s eyes to see.

It’s happening now though; it’s snowing. I wonder if it will be like this after two more weeks when we get to go to school again. I don’t want it to be like this because it will cause great problems for me because experiencing one white winter was enough. I really don’t understand when people say, ‘Canadians are used to this weather; we’re so capable of such a nuisance,’ when I’m the one that doesn’t even seem to notice the skin biting weather and all the my other Canadian friends are huddling up in a corner where there seems to be a fairly calm amount of wind. Then they change their attitudes and say something like, “Come on we can control ourselves; we’re Canadians!” when really it’s something so dumb that it’s obvious that that’s just another pathetic lie of trying to making your confidence rise. What origins you are obviously doesn’t affect if you can be capable of being about to take this type of weather. It’s just if you and your body can endure this. It’s like saying just because your Asian, you are very smart or should be very smart. These stereotypes are just things that I’ll have to face palm for the rest of my life.

It’s okay. I’ll just have to take this for the next three months until the sun starts working again and it melts off all the evil off the world. Unfortunately it won’t take away my sister along with the snow. I am going to make sure that I don’t get too sick this winter. I am going to eat so many vitamins and soups and hot teas that there will be a visible shield of protection against germs. This is very ironic to say since I’m healing from a very bad fever right now. If I sneeze, I don’t get out of it unless I sneeze 6 times in a row. It is slowly getting better but I’ll still have to suffer. Good thing that it’s winter break. Partying … alone…at home…going on the computer all day. *Poker Face*


2 responses to “It Snows After Christmas

    so hipster man, so hipster. because being bummed out over a green/black/brown christmas was too mainstream. -insert action of putting on hipster glasses here-
    PARTYING, PARTYING YEAH!…on the internet C:

  2. I feel the same way about snow. IT’S SO ANNOYING TO BE IN! The only circumstances where I would like snow is if I’m viewing it from a warm room and it hasn’t been marred by some douche bag’s footprints. You guys got your snow pretty soon. I mean yeah, us New Englanders got ours at the end of October but we haven’t gotten any since and it’s almost January.

    Anyways, stay warm and cozy. Enjoy your break! I swear, it’s total abuse to force kids to go out in such low temperatures for school. Same thing for those really hot days in the summer time.

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