12/31/2011: Why so Serious?

I have no special reason for writing on this very poker face like day. I woke up and did pretty much nothing that could amuse even a baby. The only thing I’ve been doing was going on the computer, which itself is by far getting way too boring. There is one thing that I should talk about because everyone else is talking about it and everyone will be affected by it. But I really don’t see what the point is to go out and watch a fireworks show or go to a concert just because it’s going to 2012.  Most of you guys know from last year that nothing happened when we went all crazy after the countdown ended but nothing had changed after 10 minutes. We are just going to have to move on with our lives because we’re going to have to go through the same old routine of New Years for another 50 years of our lives (depending on how long you live).

I don’t see what the point is to waste money on small things like this. I know that we only have one life to live and we should spend it correctly but we can do this another year when it would make sense. We can do this when we have the time or when we have our own money (for those people who are living off their parents like me). This is why I’m staying home and enjoying the cozy-ness of a TV where I can watch specials off.

The most annoying thing that I’ll have to face when I go back to school is when the teacher asks, “So what did you guys do?” This time I’ll just act all cocky-like and raise my hand and when the teacher picks me I’ll say, “This is the most amazing and simple that you could do. Learn from me you guys. I…stayed home the whole breaks”, which I end with a big gasp. I don’t think I’m actually going to do that but I’ll pretend I did. Why does it matter what we have done over the break? What’s a break meant to these people? It’s when you take a break off of everything and just relax. It’s not when you pack your bags after they’ve given you 2 weeks off from school to go and stress yourself out in another part of the world, spending all your money and coming home frustrated.

My breaks are spent very preciously, though. I call it a therapy break because the whole time I’m trying to revive my stressed mind. I make sure I have enough water, enjoy plenty of junk food, watch all the dramas or shows I’ve missed out on, and do anything else I’ve wanted to other than go outside. The reason I don’t go outside is because I don’t want to take the effort to walk around a mall with my very bothersome family. It’s not because I’m a very unsocial person because I did get invited to hang out with people. I just chose not to because I’m through my therapy break guise.

You guys are probably wondering what my New Year’s wishes are resolutions are, aren’t you? Probably not but I’ll just go ahead and talk about it. I don’t really have a focused New Year’s resolution because I’ve never thought about those kinds of things but I’ll probably come up with the few at February or March. I do have a New Year’s wish though. This is a wish I’ve been wishing for since 7th grade (I’m in 8th grade now though). I’ve always wanted a new student to come to my classroom and we’ll just be like BFFLs, girlfriend! Except I’ve always imagine that person to be a tall male student. I have no idea why but that’s how it worked.

So far we’ve had tall female students and short male students but not a single tall male student. *Sob*

The other class has gotten a tall male student, though! *Rage*

I’ve even sacrificed a student in my class that I was so close with. (Long Story.) This is probably going to be one of the biggest things that I’ve wanted but have never got. I just want a friend! (Girly whine) I hope it happens because I’m really gonna be disappointed if it doesn’t. It’s not that I’m tired of the friends I have now; it’s just it’s always been in my head ever since 7th grade and it has been eating me away.

But you guys will probably enjoy 2012 better than me (unless that new students comes XD). I hope that you peoples will be able to wish others around you and make sure you don’t anyone. Make sure you think of everyone else’s feeling because it’s human nature to be greedy. If you do this then you won’t get karma and will live a happy year.


2 responses to “12/31/2011: Why so Serious?

  1. Why so sirius?*
    Fantastic post :D
    I agree. Free time is best spent eating junk food and sitting in front of the computer. Good times, good times. Very stress free.


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