Guilty Until Proven Innocent

A lot of countries have this rule for a crime is that all suspects …or witnesses are guilty until proven innocent. This rule isn’t used in all countries but some do use it like America, Mexico, the UK, etc. I myself believe this is the best solution. Why is ask is because it’s the fairest solution. If we use the rule, innocent until proven guilty then we’ll have no suspects. Everyone will technically innocent and can just freely go on doing what they’d usually do, including the guilty one. We’ll just have to keep on searching for evidence calling them innocent when they actually aren’t. It will make everything seem as if nothing happened when the victim will be suffering and thinking, “Was what happened meaningless?”. I would seriously recommend the other governments to think about what type of rule they use which includes Canada. But I know Canada would do that I use the “innocent until proven guilty” rule because (as a stereotype) they’ve always been like that – never putting themselves into world issues (including the world cup).
So me and my sister had this argument as to whether “G.U.P.I.” was legal in only France for about what seemed to last 10-30 minutes when I finally went online and searched it up finding out that I am right. She actually thought I was going to be wrong this time because I have a record of being fairly right and wrong. I seem to getting smarter though so it’s a shame she lost. She’ll have to start looking facts because I really don’t know where she learns these things (face palm).


One response to “Guilty Until Proven Innocent

  1. Do you really confident what you are writing.
    Please do some research before you write any article.
    Some times you are going to get into trouble.
    My dad is a senior writer but I remember he faced the critics for writing one person’s life story.
    Even though the information was provided by her own husband.
    All the best baby.

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