RE: “I don’t Like Peeta Mellark”

I don’t like Peeta Mellark. <<Link to another post (from another blog)

I would have to agree with this post too especially because I see a lot of my classmates always fan-girling towards Peeta and Josh Hutcherson but obviously Peeta is viewed as “flawless”. I know the reason to that though. The first boy in Katniss’s life is Gale. He is flawed but that’s what made him different. I believe that the author, Susan Collins, wanted the reader to prefer Peeta over Gale; the reason being she knew who she wanted to ship together in the end of the movie and the best thing to do is get people to side with her, especially the fans. If everyone were to have hated Peeta then they may also hate the idea of what the author chose. …But they don’t…and I would like Gale as a character more but not as a person.

Moral: Flawing people out in books make them realistic.


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