I have been accidentally researching about these bills over the past week and have learned a lot. The government is trying to control the internet so that online trafficking can be taken care of. This will cause a lot of problems to the internet and the freedom of the internet. We may not be able to view YouTube, Google, or worst of all, you may not be able to read this blog anymore. I don’t want to say much more because I feel like I am going to make a bias and make it seem like the government is not thinking about us. Because they are and that’s the reason they want to do this. The government will become more strict in the future but I think that’s because the freedom that we humans have (especially in North America) has increased rapidly. It’s not like this type of bill is new because a lot of internet safety issue has been talked about in times like the 1980s. They tried to enforce the law but as you can see nothing happened. We weren’t in danger and neither was the internet.

I think the problem now is that we aren’t able to make a saying about it. I think whenever the government wants to pass a bill, the concerned population should write a meaningful opinionated essay about it which will obviously help the government and the people. But if we just start writing without the government’s authorization, I don’t think they will read it at all. We’ll just have to see what will happen for now.

The only problem I see is the censorship. I mean why even have things to be censored. Now kids don’t even know who Santa is thinking it’s some celebrity. Are we just going to continue to block their minds, and shorten their knowledge. A lot of websites, for example Tumblr, reveals things from the past, things like old TV shows, old movies, that gives knowledge to the viewer and allows them to search it up and find out what exactly happened before they were born. We are supposed to know all this or else we’ll just go brain dead (technically). I think that parents, the government is being too cautious. I know you want to keep your child pure but if you make what comes out of the internet normal then it will be normal and they won’t feel like it’s a bad thing. That it’s a wrong doing. I guess we just all have our own opinions. But the only problems it that people don’t seem to find a solution (i.e. Occupy Wall Street).


One response to “SOPA

  1. they just don’t understand that SOPA/PIPA/ACTA isn’t the answer to reducing/eliminating piracy, i guess.

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