120125: Pretty much a Useless Post to Let You Know that I’m Still Here…

Today seemed to be a very usual day. I only have a few things to talk about though.

I have been getting a pain in my toe for a while now and I thought that it was because my nail was too long so I cut it. It didn’t seem to work so I was really confused as to why this was happening. At the end I just let it naturally heal but it still seemed to be really unbearable. I’ve checked my toe to see if anything is wrong but only this morning did I find out that there was this piece of skin there. I’m not sure if that’s what caused the problem but I just removed it and then I could see something. It seemed to be all red on the side of my nail. It looked like blood that was between the state of new blood and dried blood. I’m not sure if that was the reason of the nuisance but my pain seemed to be less annoying and I could go and do whatever I wanted.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about high school and have come to become very scared of it now. I have heard some stories like if we tried to get help from a teacher then they’d just yell at you or not even listen (from the school that I’m supposed to go to). I also went to that high school and by the amount of people walking in the halls, there was only one thing I could think about. Do these people know how to be civilized. I mean seriously, you guys would probably just step over someone if they were short enough or quite enough. They don’t even seem to have a sense of direction. I especially hate the people that do drugs close to the school and think they are all that (very high sassy level by the way). They either just stare at you like, Don’t worry… you’ll be doing this soon, or, I’m so cool man!, or they just completely ignore the eye contact because they know exactly how sinful they are. It completely pisses me off to think they just do that in front of everyone and be completely okay about it. I also am really nervous about how to get to the classes because I probably won’t know where to go and if I’m late then I just can’t seem to be not embarrassed by that. High school does help kids to get used to the world outside but can we just be more civilized about this and make it more organized. It would really help if we didn’t put so much money of elementary schools and put more money on high schools and just eliminate all the people that think they can mess it up again (which sounds pretty scary but that’s their fault). Hopefully it isn’t as big of a pain as I think it is.

I’m seriously not going to write anything until I come up with a really good topic.


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