Are You a Hipster?

Hipsters are very popular now-a-days. Being a hipster is a trend! But that’s pretty ironic because the definition of a hipster is pretty much the complete opposite.

hipster– a person that does things, thinks things, anythings that’s different from the mainstream society

…Yah, based on the definition, hipsters really shouldn’t be a trend.

Now  you must want to know, “Am I a Hipster?”. Well based on my statistics, let’s find out.

 One, you really like going against what people say just for the sake of being different. I would say this is probably one of the mainstream things to being  a hipster.

 Two, you really like wearing clothes that are different and unique. You should really want to wear unpopular brands but at the same time they make a statement and interest non-hipsters to make you seem like know what you and your hipster mind is doing. You also would really like floral clothing and skinny jeans. Bright colors, dark colors, mix-n-match, or anything that’s different catch your eyes.

 Three, you seem to be really interested in space… I guess it has a lot to do with Hipster in Space, which I think has to do with a show…I’m not your Google.

Four, you are crazy for quotes and unpopular music!

Five, braids are your thing! You especially love seeing pictures of girls that don’t even face the camera to take a picture of their…that I seriously don’t even care about.

Six, you probably think dip-dying your hair would be a good idea. That’s probably one of the most mainstream hispter things to do.

And I’ll stop there because it’s just too mainstream to go up to a lucky number.

Let’s now examine some hipster pictures that give you an idea. (I own none of them…it’s your fault for not making a watermark.)

<<That one has hipster hate….

<<So is that one.

<< …no comment….

Being a hipster isn’t anything negative…it’s like being a politician. Some people just won’t like you, and some people will. I just myself don’t like the idea of hipster…:D

So, now that you know….go get a tumblr.


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