Space Travel with Gus Grissom

I’ve come to learn a lot of things and that a lot of things have relations with a lot of other things. It’s just exciting to find out when that one thing and that one other thing actually relate to each other. What gets me even more excited is when I never even knew that they could ever relate to each other when I kind of think about it. For example, I’ve read this book Gemini Summer. Well, I’ve never actually read it, because I’ve never got to the end. I’ve borrowed it once when it caught my eye by it’s hipster-ness and went over the due date, so I returned it. Then, after some months, I borrowed it again. I read almost till the end and then ended up returning it again. Why? Because I, again, passed over the due date. That’s one problem I have. As I was saying, I ended up watching the news today, for some unusual reason, and learned that today was an anniversary of a rocket of Cape Canaveral’s explosion. While it was coming down it exploded or something to that extent and 7 members  ended up “passing away”.

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Now this relating to the book:

The book is about a family that all have one dream in their mind and want to do anything to achieve it. The mom wants to write a novel, the dad wants to dig a hideout for when the Vietnam War begins (now you know the time setting), the older brother wants to become an astronaut, and Danny wants to …well he doesn’t want to do anything in specific. But when an accident causes his older brother Beau to “pass away” and the parents’ dreams get halted (’cause in some way [READ THE BOOK], they caused the accident). The only way to make the family back up to their spirits, more like Danny’s spirits, he goes to Cape Canaveral in order to meet an astronaut Gus Grissom. Why? Because apparently a dog that Danny finds after  Beau’s accident seems to hold the soul of Beau. The only way to make Beau’s soul happy and forever in peace, Danny wants to make Beau’s dream come true.

I was really surprised because I was reading a book while I was listening to the new so when I finally look up and read the captions, “Cape Canaveral Accident 1986”, I was immediately surprised. I would have to believe that Danny founds out about the accident later in the book. I am not sure, since I’ve never finished reading it. And I’m also reading 4 books simultaneously, so it’s pretty complicated to get back to that book again.

[5 Minutes Later] Okay, so I just googled Gus Grissom and learned his death was caused by a pre-launch accident.  So this, in some way much have affected Danny…even if it didn’t say in the book, but I know he’ll find out sooner or later.

Moral: If only I read the frickin’ book.


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