Was This Winter Sad or What?

Not all of you may know but this winter was extremely face palm-ish to Torontonians. It snowed a few times, but after a few days, it all melts away. It’s pretty windy and pretty cold because of the wind but nothing like last year. My god, last year was   a storm. Literally. We had a snow day because of a strong but all the sassy parents questioned the school for having a snow day because it wasn’t that bad. That bad? Are you kidding me? It was my first winter and I have to walk home for lunch, to go to school, and go home after school. I remember that one day when we were staying after school to play with the snow at a part of a park close to our school where the snow is the deepest.

The wind was blowing harshly. This caused the snow to glide over the ground. The snow had a flat surface on top and if you crushed it, it was powdery.  I felt as if I couldn’t do anything; my fingers, face, mind was numb to the bone. All I wanted to do was go home. But I knew that if I did go home it would be one nuisance-ful trip. I didn’t want to take the chances. I also wanted to wait for my sister and friends be ready to go home…because the one thing that I didn’t like was to go home alone. After a few more minutes of that, we ended up going to a nearby library where I noticed my nose was numb. Whatever, plastic surgeons know what to do about that.

Just kidding.

Now it seems completely different. I don’t have to bring gloves, scarves, and not even boots…most of the time. I could just walk to school in a coat just like any other fall. It does feel like fall. More like anything, it feels like November, and we’re just waiting for winter to come. But, obviously, for some reason it just doesn’t want to meet Toronto. This is a good thing for me. I’m not one of those people that go all “NOOO!” over the fact that we didn’t have a lot of snow this year. Another thing that I was happy about was that the Canadian geese came and migrated early this year, which is actually so awesome. You Americans wouldn’t know…okay, I guess I should explain. Long story, short, Canadian geese are known for their feces in our neighborhood. They can never seem to stop dropping waste, that I have no where to step when I’m walking to school. Calm down, geese, calm down.

This kinda proves that global warming is possible. I still believe it’s a theory, though, and can never say my view if it’s true or not. We’re just going to have to wait for the future to see what happens. And for those people that have read my previous posts that I love talking about (one) world news, (two) my problems, (three) school, and (four) the future.


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