The Death of a Computer and the CPR.

Yes, the reason I haven’t posted a new topic is because my old computer that I got in 2007 got a virus and shut down. The only way I could communicate with the “outside world” was using my mom’s laptop and the iPhone. I didn’t completely die, but my freedom was so limited I had to start painting to express myself. Yes, painting. And not just any type of painting but Chinese paintbrush painting. I had a kit and just ended up using that.

What I could say is that I’m glad my dad is an IT person because that was how he knew how to bring the computer back to life. I don’t know the deeds but at least it has come back to it’s loved ones.

Back to what I have been doing over the past few weeks. I found out that I’ll be getting my braces during March Break which is just a break …in March. I also completely missed the chance of going to my friend’s party and a social event…I’ve been so busy to even get involved in social events. Just a few. I also watched “Journey 2” and if I were to rate that movie I would give it three stars. It wasn’t the best movie but I ended up staying awake. It was really stupid at times and the graphics were a little disappointing but some parts, for example when a gigantic bird was chasing them while they were flying bees and one  bird was aiming for Josh Hutcherson, they had that moment where they have the angle of the birds side then the camera goes 180 to Josh Hutcherson’s side and then another 90 degrees to where Josh Hutcherson and his bees fly downward into the jungle area. The only one thing that I was really dissatisfied with was that they seemed to copy extreme amounts of information from the first movie. I don’t get why Josh Hutcherson has to play the main part again. Everyone’s already thrilled that he’s starring in “The Hunger Games”. See you in March, Josh.


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