Why I am an Anti-Hipster…

I have made another post earlier about hipsters and I would just like to make one thing clear.

I am not, in any case, a hipster. I am actually the complete opposite. I am an anti-hipster. Now, if you can’t already infer what that is, then let me explain. A anti-hipster is someone who is against the idea and being of hipsters. We don’t really do much about being anti other than creating images that mock hipsters and have a humor blog. As I netizen who likes to not be too bias over an idea, it really is your choice if you want to be a hipster or not. I just suggest, you’re going through a long path of wibbly-wobblyness. When you become a fan of something, and if it’s like a big majority of something, then you’re really going to have to do a lot of research to understand it. You pretty much spending a part of your life learning that one obsessive thing, that someone who has lived their lives with already knows about. If you learned it while you were growing up then you would be able to slowly process everything. But in at this age, you already know so much and would end up wanting to know everything about that one main topic. Getting out of the subject, let me explain further into detail.

I have really liked English music for a while. Those really stupid songs that have a catchy tune for about 2 days until it gets really annoying. Now as you can see, I’m not as much of a fan. But for all of you guys, you probably like music in the English language. And most of you have lived your whole life through it. Well, what about finding a new genre of music. What I’m talking about is Korean pop music. I should really not be talking about this when I’m explaining that I’m an anti-hipster because liking k-pop is actually very hipster (since [compared to the world] a lot of people don’t). As I was saying, liking this was probably a huge mistake because I had to learn some vocabulary from a completely different language and understand the other side of the world. That’s probably a pro because then I will know what the other side is like. I wouldn’t have to think about it too much. At first, k-pop was really confusing and I could barely tell some of the people apart, but as I got more into it, I realized that I really missed the music from 1990s. Those were probably the best time of music. When we had Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC. (I really like boy band music.) …You probably think I’m into Big Time Rush or One Direction but that’s a complete no. I don’t have anything against Big Time Rush but I really don’t like One Direction. Mainly because online Tumblr hipsters keep on spamming them on my dash.

Okay, going back to how this relates to becoming a hipster is pretty simple. If you are planning on becoming a hipster now there will be a lot of things you’ll need to learn and a lot of that will relate to creating typography and images. This will take some time to master but for an anti-hipster you’ll have to know this too…if you’re planning on mocking them.

The weird thing with anti-hipsters is that we are complete hypocrites. (We also like the letter “h”.) Even though we are anti-hipsters we act like hipsters to an ∞ extent. I’m not actually sure why we do it, though. I think it has to do with annoying people to brainwash them into disapproving of hipsters without even making contact with one. That’s probably not possible, because you’ll know at least one new hipster every year. I know a bit too much…1 is too much.

So as I drink by homemade blue lemonade, that just has food coloring, I salute you..the anti-hipster way.


4 responses to “Why I am an Anti-Hipster…

  1. I never really got the whole hipster trend. Actually, I never caught up on trends besides the ones from the 1900’s like “jock”, “prep”, “popular girl”, “nerd”, “burn out”, etc. and I’m a high schooler. However, I’ve completely opposed to people pertaining to a label in anyway. If someone labels themselves as something, I find it really sad. They should embrace their true selves.

    I’m not too into K-pop. It’s just that growing up with Vietnamese Karaoke and the repetitive themes of Asian music is just not to my tastes. Actually, I shun any song with a theme pertaining to love. It’s not that I’m being cynical, I’m just tired of such a cliche theme.

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