Mary & Max (2009)

Mary and Max was an animated movie that come out on 2009, won 5 awards and got 4 nominations. I see why. This is movie is about two people who end up becoming friends over the work of mailing. Now, this movie was set in the period of 1970 to 19–. This movie has a big time span and the only sad thing about it is, they never end up seeing each other. Well, one of them sees the other…but the other is already dead. Okay, I must be spoiling it for you a bit too much.

Mary is an 8-year-old girl that lives in Australia, loves the color brown, and is one of the loneliest people you’ll ever know about. So maybe not the loneliest but of course she doesn’t have a single friend.

Max is a 44-year-old that lives in New York, has mental problems, and is also one of the loneliest people you’ll ever know about.

But one day when Mary and her sherry addicted mom goes into a postal store, she finds a book that interests her, mainly because it’s in the color, you guessed it, brown. It’s actually a directory for the people in New York. She tells herself she will send a mail to one of them to ask where babies are born in America, only because she was told that babies, in Australia, are found in beer jugs. She randomly chooses one of the names and sets off to send a mail. The person she chooses is no other than Max Jerry Horowitz.

With this, the two grow old talking about themselves and their daily lives, sending pictures, drawings, and especially chocolate. This lasts for a really long time; two decades to be exact, even though somewhere in the middle Max stops the contact over the anxiety problems he faces reading Mary’s letters that ask questions that are a bit too hard to explain to a little girl.

This film was published at the Sundance Film Festival. I’ve always wanted to go to the festivial especially after they said that “Life in a Day” was going to be published there, too.

I’d have to warn you though, don’t let your children watch this movie. It may say “Rated G” but it’s not. It’s really more for people over the age of 13 and are comfortable with viewing this with their parents. I was completely fine watching it with my family, but everyone’s different. I just think it should be rated PG13.

Man, I would love to spoil the whole movie and just give a complete summary but that’s not much of a review.



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