KONY ’12

One of the most viral videos I have ever seen first came to my eyes when one of the students in my class recommended us to watch it. Instead, we watched it in Geography class. I would like to say that I knew who Joseph Kony was before it was cool, but I don’t feel it to be comfortable to call him Kony (, just because it’s too mainstream). The way I found out who J.K. was was from a book called War Brothers. This book is about (what I can remember) brothers that get abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

I don’t really have a bias over KONY 2012 but I think stopping J.K. is a very good idea. I didn’t even realize that the LRA still existed after the time span of reading the book and now. It seems like such a quiet problem that it just seemed to cross my mind. I am guilty too for that, but I managed to share the video to my parents, which is the best I could do.

For some very weird reason, I seem to be glad that the LRA still exist. The reason is because I feel like all the major events have already happened and have been permanently posted onto our textbooks. Just the feeling that when you’re about my age and you open your history textbooks finding things that start from the 1850s to the 1910s just makes it feel like I’ll never be able to see my time in the textbooks. Just for the feeling of saying, I remember that. Good times, would be really nice. For the fact of LRA still existing makes me excited because this major event will be occurring in my time. I will be able to talk about it to the future generation and tell them where I stood at the topic.

If the LRA do get stopped, this would be so interesting. Everybody would be talking about it but I fear one thing. The people that supported the LRA, probably high-ranked soldiers that were alliances and close to Joseph Kony, would create a bigger group and cause chaos to the world. That didn’t happen with Osama but you can never know what will happen in the future.

I actually kept on thinking about if I should talk about this issue. It’s a very sensitive issue and a very big one. Everyone is talking about it and I thought if I talked about it, then it would be too mainstream. I guess I’ll have to just to blend in. And I’ve also read some of the numerous articles out in the internet talking about the viral video. There are a lot of biases but I don’t really have one. The video overall was good and eye-catching. I really liked the design and typography; I’ve never seen any short film like it and the hook was great. The only thing that I seemed to be iffy about was the fact that he had a daughter right next to him but the whole video was centered on his son’s idea. I’m not saying this because I, myself, am a female but we got a sexist over here. Just drop down the issue of Kony for a second there and let’s talk about why you chose your son over your daughter. His son did seem a bit older than his daughter. So this is ageist too. Okay, I’m getting completely off topic. And for those really sensitive people, I was trolling.

Everyone that didn’t know Kony probably thought that our world today is better than it was 50 years ago. But I guess it’s not that great, since we still have problems like abducting children and turning them into child soldiers. I find it very dumb actually. We are all so weak and our body haven’t even structured enough to hold a gun correctly. It will psychologically change us and maybe it will be like digging your own grave, Kony. ‘Cause some of them will find a way to become more powerful than you; they do have guns. Your power will teach them to be as powerful as you are, or even more powerful.

The only thing I don’t want to see happening is the Ugandan and American soldiers finding Kony and “accidentally” killing him. It would be five times better for him to have died than have lived the life that would come. I really don’t want to see that happening because he doesn’t deserve to die. He deserves to live and face the same problems that the children he’d abducted had to face. He needs to go into their shoes (if they even had any) and see how it was like. Once he does, he’ll never go back; and I don’t think the “most wanted” people get treated very well.

For the sake of the world, I do hope that they catch Kony alive before this year ends. For the sake of what I’m interested to see the turnout of, I hope that they don’t find Kony before this year ends. I really want to see what the world would do then. The world, just being so confident that they would find him and at the end not finding him. That would be some news report. Let’s find out on December 31 2012 11:59:59 pm.


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