Summer….wait, Spring

Here in Toronto, the weather is some sort of mess that most scientists probably won’t be able to figure out. The theories out there are just theories and will stay theories for a really long time. With this being said, having the idea of global-warming being accountable in this situation would be very devastating. I don’t actually want to see that happening any day soon but it seems to have already started.

In the morning, when I step out to go to school, the breeze and the temperature mix moderately well with each other and it’s a sort of calming sensation. I expect this to last for a while but I’ve learned to not have such high expectations. The temperature immediately, and I mean immediately changes. That’s when the heat enters and the fruit flies come in. Just when I exit the building for recess it hits me. The worst part of this whole nuisance is that my homeroom classroom has to be facing directly towards the sun. I’m pretty much dying from the heat for the whole day. The worst time of the day has to be by the afternoon around 3pm. While I’m walking home I can’t help to avoid the sun. The only problem is that the odds never seem to be in my favor and I’m always entering the wrath of the devastating ball of  flames and fire.

It’s moderately okay when I come home but the only problem is my building still hasn’t put up the air conditioning so I’ll have to live with the heat and try to survive with fans. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. I usually just drink a lot of juice or cold water. I heard that an elderly couple passed away from the lack of air conditioning in their home. This creeps me out a bit too much and that is why I will always depend on air conditioning for the rest of my life.

Everything changes in the night though. I wake up to my legs cold; my whole body cold. I turn on the heater because my greedy sister would never let me turn it on cause she thinks it gets too hot. It never gets too hot. I cover my self with 2+ bed-sheets and sleep for as much as I need until the annoying sun pops out and blinds my eyes. Note: My bedroom faces directly at the sun. At night it’s bright, because of the lights in this “suburban area”. I quoted ‘suburban area’ because my teacher told me it was one but I beg to differ. Just getting out of the topic for one moment…

The city of Scarborough is of course not a suburban area. There may be a lot of homes around but that doesn’t prove anything. We have so many lights outside that I’m not even able to sleep at night. A suburban area doesn’t have a lot of public transportation areas but this place does; a bit too much. (If you beg to differ please tell me because I’ll be trolling you soon.)

…As I was saying it’s very bright at night. When I wake up, it’s not because of an alarm clock but in fact the sunlight that strikes my eyes with it’s razor sharp …(searches a synonym for “eyes”)…goggles. Yes, I said goggles.

I’m being very contemplative when I say this; I think I will go and destroy the sun myself. This is being a bit too much of nuisance that I just can’t stand it anymore. I know that we need the sun but the world is ending in 7 months. It’s not that big of a deal anymore….I’m talking about the sun.

The end is near! (Just joking.)

P.S. I don’t know if the end is near.

P.P.S. Just Google it if you want to.


2 responses to “Summer….wait, Spring

  1. If you’re still on your quest to destroy the sun, do it knowing that I support you. I can’t stand hot weather and I long for the days of late autumn and early spring, you know, the periods of time that border winter. It has been incredibly hot down in the U.S also, reaching 80 degrees or so! However, it seems like the temperatures would drop down to 60 degrees by next week, finally some typical spring weather.

    I’m unable to wrap my mind around the idea of a time when air conditioning didn’t exist. To me, it seems like humans existed once the air conditioning was created! I mean, I feel like jumping off a cliff when the weather’s crazy hot.

    • Completely agreed. I try not to think about how it’s like back then but more on how lucky I am now and how I’ll just try to increase the bill and try to get a high score from it.

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