It is awfully one of the most confusing and irritating things I’ve had to face in my life: actually having to understand someone’s thick accent. But I’ve gotten my way around it and know more about people’s accents and how I can understand them. Accents are really important to know. You’ll need to know them in order to understand racist videos on YouTube. You’ll need to know them in order to understand jokes. And you’ll need to know them to be able to communicate to someone over the phone.

That is what I had to do and it took me over 30 minutes. Their accent wasn’t the big problem but it sure helped.  If there was a course on understanding accents in high school, I’d be the first to sign up. I do understand a lot of accents; well at least better than the average population, but I think increasing your knowledge will help in so many ways.

Communicating with people is one of the most important things but how would it be like if English wasn’t the universal language. What if something like… Mandarin was. That would be so hard to learn for people that already know a different language. If only~

They should really change the universal language every fifty years. Even though it’s a hassle, it would be exciting and more people would know more languages. Plus, it would grab more attention of different cultures. Increasing knowledge! Let’s see…


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