What It Takes to Be an Athlete

I have discussed this with a few amount of people before and I thought that I would let the Internet know too. So what exactly is an athlete? Based on the “Oxford Dictionary” an athlete is “a person who is good at athletics”. In my own knowledge this would remove an extreme amount of people I know that call themselves athletes or think they are athletic to the point where others think they are athletic.

There are exactly two different types of athletes. I will use basketball as an example. Playing basketball, there is a person that can get the ball at any time and pass it to the opposite side of the court to shoot. There is another person that can actually get the ball through the hoop. How are these different? Well, in simplified terms, there are the people that put a lot effort into the game and there are people that don’t need to put any effort but have the preciseness and exactness to actually get a point for their side.

The best athletes out of these two is the person preciseness. I just have to punch someone that thinks that it’s actually brilliant to push people out of their way to get the ball to their side. The only thing I see in the end is them throwing the ball towards the hoop with no effort at ALL and …well I guess you will understand that, THEY JUST WASTED THEIR WHOLE TIME. And for those people that do that all the time, YOU JUST WASTED YOUR WHOLE LIFETIME. Another problem with these types of people is that they have a special term we use in elementary school. Yes, they are ball hoggers. They not only push people out of their way but also don’t give it to anyone else. Great sportsmanship guise. It doesn’t actually make you more athletic to put effort into a game. I myself am not athletic but if I put effort into a game, would that consider me athletic? Of course, it wouldn’t! I can do it too but the choice of choosing to do so is the real question.

Having preciseness is actually very important. Because the people that don’t put a lot of effort actually have the patience in the game and don’t just throw themselves towards the ball. Do you see that sometimes? When people seem like they are giving up themselves for one stupid little game that’ll only last a spec of their lifetime. I have to congratulate these people because they actually have potential in them but they necessarily aren’t the best type of athletes.

The best type would have to be someone who is precise and puts effort into the game. I’ve only seen a few of those types of people but I think that’s what it takes to be, for example, in the National Basketball Association. You guys gotta stop with this stupid play you call effort because it’s just effort and nothing  else. Face the facts, you are not in any way shape or form, athletic.

Solution (if you are completely devastated and you think your whole life has just died in front of you because you don’t have the brains to continue on):

1. Practice. Don’t just expect to get better by playing Dodgeball or something. Don’t expect to get better by just playing a quick game with friends. You actually have to research and find helpful tips on how to play what you are passionate about. At least try to get better.

2. Get the brains! Taking up sports can be one of the hardest careers there is if you want to get into the big time. You can’t exactly become a basketball player without going to a good university; you’ll need the education. Sports are harder because when applying for a university, you’ll need both the grades, and sporting ability. For people that are just going into university for…  Computer engineering, they’ll need the grades. You can’t expect to get into a university without the brains. It’s a lot harder for athletes or so called athletes. Even if you won’t take up sports in the future because of an unknown reason, you’ll still have plenty of paths left since you took up the time to go to high school and college/university.



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