I am Possibly the Laziest Person in the World.

This is for a very very reasonable fact. I am very likely the laziest person in the world I am strong, strong proof. I’m not exactly sure when the disease caught up to me but it has. It has gotten to the point that I’ve planned out my lazy future:

I am not going to go grocery shopping. Part of my plan is to be able to marry a young rich person and that would be awesome if it happened. I would be on the computer every single day and I wouldn’t have to do anything else. If I did get bored I would go out for a strong in my huge property. I’m not necessarily trying to say I will get like other people to do the shopping for me; but I’m going to shop online. Yes, online. I will just search the items I want, add them to my cart and click “ship”. It will come to me in around some hours or the next business day. I would love it, if someone created that. I pretty much have the rest of my life planned out for me except for how I’m going to get into university and how I’ll get over my fear of riding public transit.

I’m lazy at this very moment too. I don’t do any work. There is exactly one reason for that: I mess up every single time I do do something. It’s like asking a dog to peel a banana for me or chop some apples ( because everything in my life revolves around fruit and juice). I don’t really do my homework either…but I should be studying right now the big science test tomorrow…but as you can see I’m just creating a new post for my blog instead. As my mom…if you ask her if I’m productive or responsible she “pffts“. I got a “kindness and caring” award two years in a row and my parents laughed at me. They think I changed attitudes when I go to school. (T▽T) <<<< emotion

I really am lazy and I know it. But I am a pro procrastinator so it’s alllllllllllllllllllllll good.



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