The Barrier of All Things Opposite

Everyday I seem to be fighting for something that everybody disagrees on. I find that extremely annoying. Can’t we all just agree to what I think? I’m just joking. It’s worse when we never seem to find a solution and I just have this gaping hole in my mind that wants to win, wants to prove that that fact is very a fact.
Even more surprising when people get surprised by me. I mean, they obviously have not faced the cruel reality and now I’m showing it to them. This post may not make any sense to someone that does not know what had happened some days back…but as I look back at it…it was so stupid. I shouldn’t have even brought it up for the people that had to hear me, still haven’t learned anything. Absolutely nothing! That’s the problem with people these days; they just can’t face the harsh world because of the paradise of the first world.

I really don’t want to hide that reality from them. That doesn’t mean I’ll just throw it to their faces every time I see them but if they do bring up a topic that seems so (verrrrrryyyyy) debatable/arguable/able-able I will go ahead and begin my ranting.

I feel like this is a rant post but it really isn’t. I just want to talk about the fine line between opposites and how that fine line is such a strong fine line. Let me use Legend of Korra as an example.

In this show, there is a rebellion. (Rebellions are so mainstream.) Non-benders are rioting against benders. It’s kind of like if you have something, you’ll stand up for it. But if you don’t have something, you’ll stand…down for it. (If that makes any sense.) I actually find the whole plot dumb but I just loved Avatar: The Last Airbender that I had to watch this and so far it’s really good.

In short, opposites don’t attract and don’t expect it too.



Unless it’s magnets.


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