20120613 | My Posse Just Broke Up

Thank goodness no one in my school reads my blog because a lot of information I know, that others don’t know and shouldn’t know, is being told on this blog. Thank goodness.

So this is what happened today. I woke up at around 7:00am and just looked around my room until my dad came to my room and asked me what school I’m going to. I replied, “Bethune”. He asked if that’s the school that I wanted to go to; me replying “no” and saying the other school’s name. At the end, my dad will check out homes there and we may move even though the prices are pretty high there.

I walked out to school a little later than usual but we (my sis and me) still got to school on time. I entered my classroom worrying about the yearbook (that I’ve been working on since I am in the committee). We have two periods of Math and then recess. I stay in for recess distracted by a modern translation of Macbeth (for my literature circles). Then I go over to my friend working on her page of the yearbook to whom I remember remarking is the most savvy person in Paint. After what was supposed to be recess, we went over to another classroom to watch a movie regarding STIs and teens…and how they relate to each other. Now I’m just very scared of everyone and I can’t trust anyone regarding that subject.  Then we had to go to our most favorite subject (sarcasm) French in which our teacher was sick, of what I know, and we had a substitute. The thing about this substitute is that all the uncooperative people in our class don’t listen to this teacher (of what I have noticed). It’s very funny and irritating. So here’s the 90% of the class doing their own business: one table group shouting and swearing (the consist of mostly 7th graders), there’s the group of people that move around to a different part of the room to hang out with their friends, there’s this table group that’s listening to music on their phone (that at one point made everyone burst out laughing because weirdly the room felt silent for such un-explainable reason and the music was at its loudest), and then theirs our group: the most silent and independent group of people. Just working on the worksheets the teacher gave up.

Now don’t get the wrong idea of the substitute. She isn’t one of those old British annoying teachers that retired but are still subbing. She isn’t one of those teachers that gets mad at us for not doing something or not listening to her just because she doesn’t know what she is doing and confusing us all (so all we can do is blankly stare at her). She’s one of those new teachers that was fresh out of college/university (cause she looks really young). She’s not exactly experience so I don’t blame her for having such a hard time with our class.

BUT SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE MUSIC! It was so loud but I think she just wrote down their names or who she thought their names were by using the class seating plan.

…You know what? That’s all the problems I wanted to rant about so let’s talk about the main problem. My posse just broke up. So it consists of 5 people including me and it just broke up. I think the reason being that one person in the posse created his own posse and asked another person in my posse to join his posse. She ended up considering it (tsk tsk). Then she told me and another member that she’s leaving the posse. Then when I told her that she is out, she changed her mind and said she disbanded the other posse. I didn’t take this very lightly and said it’s too late…including the other member who also said it was too late. (This was all through chat.) And then I ended up adding the member that told her to leave and he was just laughing about how she’s in no posse now. All this happened and that one other member knows nothing about this.

So a few questions to be answered about our generation here. No, not every teenager belongs to a posse. Most teens don’t even distribute people by posses. It’s actually considered lame or foolish to be in a posse but I don’t really care because we’re doing this as a joke. We’re not serious about this but then again we aren’t serious about anything.  Most of the time we are making fun of the stereotypical teenage girl with the use of “gurrllll” and “gurlfrwan” said repetitively between each other. Making sassy hand flicks to signify “sassiness” when someone is sassy or even a little sassy (including ourselves). In short, we are not one of those stereotypical teenagers like the girl talking to “Becky” in the music video of “I Like Big Butts” by Sir-Mix-a-Lot.


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